I'm Antoinette Hanning. Nice to virtually meet you!

I'm an Arizona girl at heart, avid Doctor Who fan, lover of all Mexican food and of course passionate photographer! 

After living in Arizona for 16 years I recently moved cross country to Tennessee, with my family, to discover that green grass actually exists! I'm now attending the University of Mary in Bismarck, pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Yes, it's very cold and yes, I know I'm crazy for loving it! 

Since before the beginning of high school I've had a strong passion for all forms of photography and ventured into the field by buying my very own Canon when I was 14. Anything and everything became a subject for my camera although I soon found my love for portrait photography, specifically family photography!

I'm so happy you're here and I can't wait to work with you! 


Hey there! 

My Approach


As the oldest of ten kids I've definitely had plenty of opportunities to practice portraits but quickly discovered my joy came from capturing genuine and authentic moments!  My passion lies in bringing out various personalities through photography as every person is different. The end result won't be something staged or overly posed, I want to tell your story and capture what brings you joy! I want these photos to be ones you cherish forever because they're really and truly you! 

When it comes to family photos my approach is exactly the same! The family is a beautiful gift from God and there are so many small special moments we share in our daily life!  Whether it's an inside joke that makes you burst out laughing, the sweet way you look at a family member, the way your eyes light up when doing an activity you love, whatever brings you the most joy. This is what I long the capture for you.

I'm definitely an overly social person and love interacting with people of all ages! So let's skip the small talk and get to truly know who you are and what brings you joy.  We'll start talking long before your actual scheduled session, about your family, about you, and work on finding a gorgeous, fun location where you'll feel at home. I want to build a long lasting, trusting friendship with you so even if I give you a somewhat goofy direction you know the photos will turn out great. I promise I'm not going to overly pose you for cliche photos and make you say "cheese."  Instead I'll give you a few random, fun prompts , like, dance around!  Think of your favorite person in the world! Run towards me!  Tell me about your perfect day! Or I'll simply strike up a conversation with you while I shoot away, capturing the real you in the act.

If my work and approach resonates with you please don't hesitate to reach out with whatever questions you might have!  I can't wait to get to know you!