"the secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for what He is sending us every day in His goodness" 

                                                 -St. Gianna Beretta Molla

Hi there! 

I'm an Arizona girl at heart, avid Dr. Who fan, lover of all Mexican food and of course hanging out with family and friends.  

After living in Arizona for 16 years I recently moved cross country to Tennessee, along with my family to discover that green grass actually exists. 

Since before the beginning of high school I've had a strong passion for all forms of photography and ventured into the field by buying my very own Canon when I was 14. Anything and everything became a subject for my camera although I soon found my love for portrait photography and here I am with my own business! 

My work

As the oldest of nine kids I definitely had plenty of opportunity to practice portraits but discovered my joy came from capturing the authentic moments of the family. The family is a beautiful gift from God and there are so many small specials moments we share in our daily life, whether it's a burst of laughter or a goofy face, I want to capture them for you. I've always loved working with kids of all ages and especially love capturing their admirable innocence and curiosity. 

My professional "gigs" have included several Church events and a ton of family photo sessions, both adding to my experience of photographing large groups while also making time for individuals. This Spring I focused solely on making individual shoots just as special by framing the accomplishments of several seniors. While with friends I've also been able to practice capturing candid memories in the making.

My Approach

Coming from a huge family I've been able to witness first hand just how many special moments there are in life, no matter how small. I'm most passionate about finding out just what these moments are for you. Whether it's an inside joke that makes you burst out laughing, the sweet way you look at a family member, something that brings you the most joy. These are the moments I long to capture for you. I don't want the end result to be something staged... I want these photos to be ones you cherish forever because they capture the real you. 

I'm  definitely  a social person and love interacting with people of all ages, getting to truly know them. I love bringing out various personalities as every person is different. I aim to tell a story and bring out the authentic you in every photo I take. 

My hope is to bring much joy and laughter throughout this process. I can't wait to start capturing your story!

God Bless!